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No service member should feel invisible.

By donating today, you will help our active duty military feel seen, appreciated, and supported.

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A service member will receive:

magic show

We recruit the best magicians North America has to offer to provide high quality, wildly fun, live magic shows.

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Note of

When you support MoM you get to write a personalized note of gratitude and encouragement that will land in a service member's hands (and heart).

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Custom care

Our care packages are designed to be a positive memory and souvenir of our show that they can look back on for the rest of their tour and share with family when they return home.

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Magic serves our service members

Brandon's Story

Brandon is a tech sergeant in the Air Force. We met him while he was serving his 3rd tour in Southwest Asia. Brandon told us that "overseas deployment is like living Groundhog's Day." Between 10-12 hour days on the field, limited recreational activities, and pursuing his online degree— Brandon really didn't have much opportunity to connect with people or home.

When we arrived on base, we met Brandon and a group of service members after we set up for that evening's show. Brandon's eyes lit up as he recognized one of our magicians from a TV show. They spent 20 minutes chatting and learning about each other's lives.

After the evening performance, Brandon approached the magician and gave him his squadron patch, symbolizing his appreciation for our services. "I'm giving this to you because you get it and you get me." Brandon has stayed in touch with us ever since and we are happy to say he is stateside and safe!

What others are saying

See what service members, veterans, and military family members have to say about our mission.


"It means the world to us, it brightens our day, week, month and even year, with just one performance, when we are out in the field, busting our tails to do things for America, our Allies and those in need around the world. What Magicians On Mission does for our troops is far beyond any demonstration of appreciation. Thank you for what you do.”

David Don Hobley
Air Force

"Seeing your act in person was the highlight of my night and probably my deployment… Giving a morale patch like that to someone who is not in [the military], is more like respect and thank you for you, to remind you of our interaction, a story to tell your family for generations, and to keep a friendship."

Tech. Sgt. Brandon Allen
Air Force

"When you and the other entertainers take the time out of your schedules to come over here and show us love, that’s important to us. It means a lot and we appreciate it. You don’t have to be here sharing and living in the same conditions that we live in, we definitely appreciate that… It gives depth to the term ‘thank you for your service'."

Col. BJ Bennett

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