Our vision is a world where every active duty service member feels seen and appreciated for their service.

Our Mission

Service members should never feel alone.

Magicians on Mission is dedicated to boosting the morale and emotional health of American service members deployed overseas. We recruit the best magicians across North America to meaningfully connect, convey gratitude, and cultivate lasting relationships with our nation's heroes.

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How it all began

Founder's Story

Chris Rose has been entertaining audiences across the globe as a professional magician for over 30 years. You may have seen him on the CW network’s hit TV show “Penn & Teller: Fool Us”, as a featured performer at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California, or at any number of corporate and private events all around the world.

In August 2017, he participated in his first performance tour sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE). He was part of a team of world-class magicians on a 16 day tour of SW Asia. He got to meet and entertain five thousand of our military heroes stationed there.

Since his first tour, he has been invited back three times to perform for the DoD and the AFE, however two of the tours were canceled due to lack of funding.

When the money runs out, our troops often go months without these civilian visits that reconnect them with home and help them unwind.

During each tour he witnessed a radical transformation. They went from tired, stressed, and isolated to energized, relaxed, and reconnected in just a few moments. We know that these connections are vital to the well-being of our service members. So, how do we solve the lack of funding? This led Chris to create Magicians On Mission, a nonprofit that isn’t dependent on funding by the DoD.

Our Team

Chris Rose

Founder | President | Magician

Bob Koda

Tour Manager |Emcee | Comedian |Magician

Bill Cook

Magician |

Michael Finney

Magician | Comedian

James Leach

Magician | Classical Magic

David Malek

Magician | Card Sharp

Justin Rivera

Magician | Comedian

Justin Scott

Magician |

Christopher Tracey

Magician | Prop Comedy Magic

Board of Directors

  • Chris Rose
    Founder / President / CEO
  • Joshua Colón
    Treasurer / CFO
  • Justin Brewer
    Secretary / VP / COO
  • Joseph Bua
    Board Member

What others are saying

See what service members, veterans, and military family members have to say about our mission.


"It means the world to us, it brightens our day, week, month and even year, with just one performance, when we are out in the field, busting our tails to do things for America, our Allies and those in need around the world. What Magicians On Mission does for our troops is far beyond any demonstration of appreciation. Thank you for what you do.”

David Don Hobley
Air Force

"Seeing your act in person was the highlight of my night and probably my deployment… Giving a morale patch like that to someone who is not in [the military], is more like respect and thank you for you, to remind you of our interaction, a story to tell your family for generations, and to keep a friendship."

Air Force

"My husband is currently deployed and was able to watch your show. Right before the show began I had to call him and give him some sad news regarding his father's health. After the show he sent me a message that it had greatly helped keep his mind happy for a bit. The time and effort given to travel and spend some of your time and talents with the troops is so valuable! Whether it be tough news from home, a rough day on the job, or just missing your family it helps brighten their day and get their mind off things for a bit. It is so very appreciated."

Mrs. McNelley
Military Spouse
For every $56 you donate

A service member will receive:

magic show

We recruit the best magicians North America has to offer to provide high quality, wildly fun, live magic shows.

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Note of

When you support MoM you get to write a personalized note of gratitude and encouragement that will land in a service member's hands (and heart).

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Custom care

Our care packages are designed to be a positive memory and souvenir of our show that they can look back on for the rest of their tour and share with family when they return home.

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